About us

Sukkah Europe, Who Are We?

SukkahEurope is an international Israeli chain of sukkot and Arba minim (Four species- Etrog, Hadas, Lulav, Arava) stores, with its European head stores in Antwerp, Belgium and London, United Kingdom. We sell products of companies (and others), that distributed sukkahs all over the world (including Israel, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Holland / Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia etc.). We serve satisfied customers each year. Taking into account the specific requests of our European consumers, we provide a quality product, superior customer service, an innovative design, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The sukkahs are notable for their appealing design made of the latest composite materials that will withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions; yet they are so easy to assemble that you can build your own sukkah yourself. All this, plus attractive prices, makes it possible for any Jew to perform the mitzvah of building a sukkah and to celebrate a kosher Sukkot holiday.

High Standard Sukkah Products, Four species, Schach, and Sells by Sukkah Europe:

SukkahEurope.com is proud to offer its customers a variety of products. Outstanding Sukkah – portable and unique and well-known for its world-wide popularity. The amazing new panel sukkah known for its beauty as well as its ease of assembly. Rafiah schach in keeping with the most stringent Kosher lows in the Jewish community. It is many years now that Sukkaeurope have been involved in the business of the four species both in Israel and abroad. Sukkaeurope is in the possession of many recommendations vouching to the efficient service that we provide in addition to the high quality of my products meeting all the stringent requirements of kashrut and standards of “hidur” which we offer every year. The recommendations are from places like England, Germany, Switzerland (Swiss), Belgium, Sweden, Colombia, Italy, Austria, France, Denemark, Spain and U.S.A and all over the abroad.
Sukkaeurope obliged themselves to continue offering the best products attainable for the benefit of all
concerned. Please be advised that our experience in exporting our products include thousands of ethrogim are dispatched to Europe, U.S.A and abroad so that there should not be any problem sending the products to any community or individual.

Return Policy:
Products purchased from SukkahEurope in UK or Belgium can be returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment via our warehouse or stores or two days prior to sukkahs (which ever is greater). Products must be unopened and still in their wrap. For more details check our stores or call: +31208082248 (NL) or email: sukkaheurope@gmail.com

SukkahEurope/NSHM EUROPE B.V is registered under Dutch law #86607561, VAT number NL864021331B01.